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Igniting Prody.ai, the Superstar of Brand to Consumer Messaging

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July 7, 2023
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Head of Design
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The Kickoff

Imagine Prody.ai, a robust messaging platform that businesses in highly regulated sectors swear by. It's the master of collaboration between chatbots and human agents, balancing automation with human supervision. But even the best can get better, and that's where the magic of kalm.digital comes into play.

Prody.ai recognized that their agent interface was due for a makeover - a modern, intuitive, and energetic transformation that would make their platform not just a tool, but a delight for chat agents to interact with.

The old version, a bit outdated

Diving into User Experiences

The team at kalm.digital deems user perspective as the north star of design. We embarked on the journey by immersing ourselves in extensive interviews with customer support agents, striving to uncover their challenges and needs. Simultaneously, we engaged with Prody.ai's developers to decode the technical blueprint of the system. We agreed to go Agile, promising a journey of swift, continuous improvements.

First Pieces of the Puzzle

Our mission was like fitting a spaceship into a pocket watch: how to integrate all of Prody.ai's incredible features without overwhelming the interface? The kalm.digital team aimed to craft an elegant, aesthetically pleasing design where every functionality is accessible and intuitively easy to comprehend.

The Quick Wins

Our first goal was to identify the low-hanging fruits that could bring immediate improvement and enhanced user experience. A quick, impactful revamp of colours, padding, and fonts by the kalm.digital team breathed new life into the interface, like turning a room from drab to fab with a splash of paint!

Little facelift, huge impact

The Grand Reveal

Yet, we saw the horizon packed with opportunities for further enrichment. Gaining insights from international best practices and continuous agent feedback, the kalm.digital team paved the way for future evolution. Our next leap forward presented a sleek, clutter-free UI, offering both dark and light themes, an advanced dashboard, and an overall contemporary aura. Side by side, our team joined forces with the developers to integrate backend modifications, enabling the use of hotkeys and simplified feedback for the learning engine.

Darkness for the kalmness

The Power of Transformation

And what about the results? The transformation was hailed as a triumph in an employee survey featuring 250 chat agents. Prior to the kalm.digital intervention, Prody.ai's usability rating was a modest 4.5 out of 10. Post-revamp, it rocketed to an impressive 7.2. Not to mention, the kalm.digital optimized design sped up the system by a remarkable 27%, significantly decreasing the time agents spent on accessing functions.

Light theme for the classy

Summing Up

This exhilarating journey with Prody.ai reaffirms that UX and UI design are more than just pretty facades. They are game-changers for both B2C and B2B software experiences. When employees engage with modern, easy-to-use software, the ripple effect is palpable - higher satisfaction, reduced turnover, and a marked surge in productivity. That's the kalm.digital effect!

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