About us


Head of Strategy

Kata is your compass in digital transformation with 15 years of cross-industry experience. She's been there for startups and large enterprises alike, sculpting digital strategies, pinpointing product-market fit, and executing effective go-to-market journeys.

With qualifications from leading industry organizations and a diverse range of expertise, Kata brings a holistic view to your digital journey. Her focus? Guiding you towards achieving your business goals while always keeping the big picture in mind.


Head of Design

Albert is your ally in refining user-centric design. His expertise lies in applying cognitive-driven tactics to create irresistible UX and UI designs, coupled with agile methodologies. His proficiency extends across diverse sectors, including media, tech, and telecommunications.

His consistent pursuit of innovative trends guarantees that kalm's clients enjoy designs that are not only functional but also on the cutting edge of cool. With Albert, you get a fusion of creativity and practicality that makes your digital presence stand out.


Head of Client Success

Aniko is your guide to mastering marketing and digital product management, backed by more than a decade of hands-on experience. Her expertise stretches across industries, skillfully marketing both physical and digital products on online platforms.

With a keen eye for user-centric design, Aniko excels in smoothing out user journeys and maximizing conversions. But her magic doesn't stop there. With Aniko, you're not just getting a digital expert, but a partner dedicated to your success.

What you can expect from us.

Consultative partnership

The team has decades of business experience across various industries such as financial services, telco, e- commerce and media. We will understand your business goals and serve as your consulting partner throughout the development cycle, from ideation through design & development to optimization. By providing an external point of view, we support you to achieve the most value.

Data driven approach

We base our work on data, combining quantitative analyses and individual customer feedback. This approach ensures that the product is grounded in real-world usage and customer needs. By collecting and analyzing data at various stages of the development process, we can make informed decisions about the next steps of the product and provide predictable cost structure.

Friendlyness & transparency

We focus on building strong relationships based on trust and honesty. We recognize that you are the top expert of your brand and will make sure to learn as much about your business as possible. Vice versa, we can educate you about the digital side of things along the way, so you feel empowered in your strategy.

Unique team

Kalm digital works as a flexible network for freelancer developers, designers, marketers, product owners and anyone needed for a project.

Kind professionals

No overheads, no limitations, no knowledge gaps and no hassle. We love working together, and you will love working with us, too.